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The ravine of Poros

The ravine of Poros

One of the prettiest spots of the island and at the same time a remarkable geological phenomenon is the Ravine of Poros. It is a narrow gorge approximately 80 meters long that you will meet getting out of Poros and heading to the interior of the island.
River Vohinas goes through the gorge which emanates from Avithos Lake and ends up in the sea at a point where till 1932 there used to be a port. At this point various archaeological findings have been discovered and according to certain theories it relates to Ithaca of Homer.
Many legends have been related to the ravine of Poros. According to one of them Hercules jumped with his horse from one top of the ravine to the other and accidentally fell into the gorge shaping two potholes that exist even nowadays. According to another version those potholes were caused by a dragon that lived in the area that stumbled and fell into the gorge. This dragon was believed to live in a cave that is found at 70 meters height at the ravine. Research has shown that this cave has been a place of worship for the Nymphs and god Panas, while recently a 7.000 years old thread was found.


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