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In this small city in southeast Kefalonia you can find a large number of studios to let. The centre of the city is the square and the onshore area that lays at a 2 kilometers distance. There you can find many restaurants and bars with a wonderful sea view, while many beaches such as Ragia, Limenia and the beach below the central square will leave you with the best of memories. On the way to the port you will see the characteristic Poros islet, while smaller rocks are found along the sea shore at Limenia beach. In Poros you can find anything you need, like supermarket, bank, gift shops, and a health centre attended by a doctor. From the port of Poros ships depart daily to Killini, which gives you the ability to plan a day cruise to Peloponisos and  the famous ancient  Olympia.


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Poros, Eleios-Pronnoi
0.55 km
9.53 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.90 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.92 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.94 km

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