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Aragia beach

Aragia beach

Crossing the bridge of Poros, you will find an equally busy beach to that at the central square. In an area full of apartments to rent, taverns, cafeterias and shops, you can enjoy swimming while admiring the complexity of the landscape, green slopes on the one side, and blue water on the other, while Ithaca emerges proudly from the horizon. And when you are done swimming you can chose one of the many shops of Poros to enjoy your lunch or coffee, or just keep wandering in the area. The beauties are so many and will definitely amaze you.

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Poros, Eleios-Pronnoi
0.11 km
9.62 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.60 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.62 km
Lourdata, Livatho
12.63 km