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Melissani Lake

Melissani Lake

Melissani lake is one of the most important and advertised attractions of Kefalonia. It is found in Karavomilos, 2 kilometers from Sami and is a 160 sq.m. cave in which stalactites aged 16.000 years have been formed.
It was discovered in 1951 and its name is thought to come from the name of Nymph Melisanthi that looking for her lost ship stumbled and fell into the lake.
Findings kept in the Archaeological Museum give us the information that during the ancient years the lake was a place of worship of god Pan, which is proved by the isle found on a little islet in the interior of the lake.
You can get there walking down a tunnel and can be guided to it on a little boat. Part of the roof has been brought down due to the powerful earthquakes leaving a hole through which the light creates wonderful shades.
Melisani is part of a geological phenomenon of Kefalonia since there ends up the water that begins from Katavothres in Argostoli after following a subway itinerary that lasts 14 days, and from there go to Thalasomilos lake.
A visit to Melisani lake will let you get in touch with the unique atmosphere that dominates it and is an experience among the many that Kefalonia has to offer.


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