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Katelios - Agia Barbara

Katelios - Agia Barbara

Katelios is a small village at the southwest side of Eleios - Pronnoi area. Tourist shops, cafeterias and taverns are sited next to the sea, and give you the chance to enjoy your lunch while your eyes can enjoy the endless blue of the sea and your ears the plash of the waves.
In front of the shops there is a beach, but if your eyes wander to the right you will see another beach where you can peacefully enjoy the water and sun. It is Agia Barbara where you can get crossing the little rivulet or by turning right on your way to Skala. There you can rent sun beds and umbrellas and enjoy moments of relaxation and peace under the sun. Due to the morphology of the place, sun rays are extra strong and that ensures quick and intense tanning.


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