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A very popular and famous destination in Kefalonia that attracts a large number of famous and anonymous visitors. It is in north Kefalonia and is a beautiful, scenic port surrounded by traditional buildings. It was named after the Normand conqueror Guiscard, who coming from Sicily on 11th century conquered the island that till then was part of the Byzantine Empire. It is one of the few places in Kefalonia that survived the destructive 1953 earthquakes, and therefore has been declared a preservable location, which means that a necessary precondition for building a new house is that it abides by the rules and characteristics of traditional Kefalonian architecture.
During the summer Fiskardo literally bustles with life. A real parade of yachts, and catamarans from every corner of the world arrive at the port and complete the cosmopolitan atmosphere. There is a reason why it has been characterized as the Greek Saint Tropez, since many Hollywood stars visit Fiskardo on a regular basis.
Today in Fiskardo you can find many restaurants and cafeterias where you can relax enjoying the magic of the landscape while admiring a considerable sample of the traditional Kefalonian architecture and heritage.

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