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Focas- Cosmetatos Museum

Focas- Cosmetatos Museum

The Focas-Cosmetatos Collections include furniture of the family dating from the beginning of the 20th century, lithographs by Joseph Cartwright (“Views in the Ionian Islands”), Edward Lear and Henry Cook, lithographs of traditional costumes of the Ionian Islands, portraits and paintings, as well as a collection of coins and banknotes circulating in the Ionian Islands during their long history. In particular, the coin collection includes typical samples of the Athenian and Corinthian drachma, the Roman solidus, the Byzantine hyperpyron, the Venetian ducat, the Austrian thaler etc. The banknotes of the collection are mainly Greek; among them, banknotes issued by the Ionian Bank, and “Ionian drachmas” of the Italian occupation. In the shop, visitors may purchase the Foundation’s publications and other items.
The Collections are open to the public from May to October.

Telephone: 2671026595


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